Lusper VS Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

While being very handy tools for a home gym, adjustable dumbbells are not a new invention. For years people have used these weights but today we will see what new technologies have been developed for these dumbbells and look at how a simple weight can have a lot more benefits than what the eye can see from a glance.

The first thing that we will be comparing about these dumbbells are their price tags. Weights unfortunately can be very expensive for quality iron and adjustable dumbbells are no exception. The Lusper brand dumbbells will cost you without a discount $99.99. Which may sound like a lot but when compared to the Bowflex dumbbells you might think twice because these dumbbells are even more expensive at a price of $379.00. Both of these sets are going to cost you but keep reading to see what makes these dumbbells worth their prices.

The main thing to keep in mind when investigating adjustable dumbbells is just that, their adjustments. Both pairs of the dumbbells that we are looking at come with a wide variety of adjustments to change the weight and style of your lift. For the Lusper dumbbells they come with more style variety than weight varieties. The Lusper dumbbells can be easily changed from plain dumbbells to a full-length barbell and then finally into a kettlebell. With that being said the weights can also be changed too. The dumbbells can range from 6.5 lbs-32 lbs, the barbell 8lbs-44lbs, and the kettlebell 3.5lbs-16lbs. The Lusper brand also has a more customizable dumbbell set with less weight which you can find here but for the purpose of this article I am focusing on the free weights set. The Bowflex dumbbells cannot change into any different types of weight but what they lack is customization they make up for with weight variation. The Bowflex dumbbells start at 5 lbs and goes all the way up to 52.5 lbs.

The fact is that any dumbbell out their can help you build muscle and advance you in your fitness journey but what truly makes these dumbbells Eunique from every other set of dumbbells out their? Maybe you prefer customization, and, in that case, I would recommend the Lusper set because they are a three in one for different types of lifts but lack in weight levels. If you need more selection when it comes to weight, then I would recommend the Bowflex set. There is still one more thing though that I have not talked about yet and that is technology. This feature may not be for everyone. You might not even take this into consideration when deciding on which dumbbell to buy, but the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells include a built-in function that can keep track of your repetition count and track your form to let you know how good it is through your phone. This is also a large factor on why the price of the Bowflex dumbbells are almost quadruple the price of the Lusper set.

So, what is our verdict? Ultimately the decision is up to you but, if you take out the technology of the Bowflex dumbbells you still have 100 lbs of weight which is more than the Lusper brand. You have more customization because the weights are in smaller increments and, finally you have the coolest option to track everything through your phone. Our recommendation is the Bowflex Dubells if you are truly looking for a quality pair of dumbbells that have great functionality and high quality. That being said there is nothing wrong with the Lusper dumbbells if you are looking for an affordable product with great quality and customization for your home gym. I hope you have learned a lot from this article and if you have an option feel free to leave a comment.

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